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Monday, March 20, 2023

Russian military intensifies mobilization efforts in occupied Crimea

by The Kyiv Independent news deskMarch 14, 2023 9:08 pm

Russian occupying forces are intensifying their mobilization efforts throughout the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine's National Resistance Center reported

The Crimean peninsula has been under Russian occupation since 2014 following a fake referendum staged by Russia to annex the territory. 

Since then, many local residents have been imprisoned for resisting the occupation, while Russian citizens flocked to the peninsula. The Russian military has also established a military base there.

There are 180 political prisoners currently being held in occupied Crimea, according to Ukraine's human rights ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets on Feb. 26.

According to the National Resistance Center's report on March 14, many Russian citizens are preparing to leave the peninsula, given that businesses like restaurants and hotels have essentially collapsed in the past year due to the war. 

The National Resistance Center called on the local population of the Crimean peninsula to report any sightings of Russian military enlistment officers through the proper channels established by the Ukrainian government.

The families of local residents who have already been mobilized have made public pleas to the Russian Defense Ministry regarding the mistreatment and rights violations of their loved ones, the Ukraine's General Staff reported on Feb. 19. 

The Kyiv Independent news desk
The Kyiv Independent news desk

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