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Uncovering the scope of the Bucha massacre

BUCHA, Kyiv Oblast – As Ukraine recaptured the town of Bucha, the world saw the extent of the violence Russian soldiers inflicted on the civilian population. Since the Russian forces were driven out of Kyiv Oblast, 412 bodies have been found in the town’s streets, buildings and mass graves as ...

Inside massacre of civilian evacuees outside Kyiv

STOYANKA-2, Kyiv Oblast – In the village of Stoyanka-2 outside Kyiv, a half-dozen cars line the road, riddled with holes, their bodywork mangled by bullets and an explosion.  Their windows, bearing handwritten Ukrainian signs saying “Children” are perforated or shattered. The suitcases inside the vehicles appear to have been searched. ...

Kharkiv barraged with rockets, 11 killed

Russian forces have blasted Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, with Grad multiple rocket launcher systems on Feb. 28, striking residential buildings. Eleven people have been killed in the attacks, Oleh Synehubov, the head of the regional government, said in a statement on Telegram. Earlier, the Kharkiv City Council said that one ...