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Uncovering the scope of the Bucha massacre

BUCHA, Kyiv Oblast – As Ukraine recaptured the town of Bucha, the world saw the extent of the violence Russian soldiers inflicted on the civilian population. Since the Russian forces were driven out of Kyiv Oblast, 412 bodies have been found in the town’s streets, buildings and mass graves as ...

EU Council president visits Russian war crime scenes, says EU must do more for Ukraine

BORODYANKA, Kyiv Oblast – Walking through the town of Borodyanka, 40 kilometers northwest of Kyiv, European Union Council President Charles Michel wasn’t hiding his grief. Visiting the largely destroyed Ukrainian town that he has likely never heard of until recently, the official was trying to carefully pick words of support. ...

50 days of Russia’s war in photos

April 14 marks 50 days since Russia launched its brutal all-out war against Ukraine. Moscow’s unprovoked military aggression has already cost it approximately 19,900 servicemen and 5,260 units of weapons and other equipment, according to Ukraine’s government estimates. Russia hasn’t achieved any significant success in its offensive, having captured only ...