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Ukraine’s population shrinking fast, can drop by 6 million in 30 years

November 28, 2021 5:41 amby Daryna Antoniuk
(Tiia Monto)

Ukraine’s population is likely to decrease from today’s 41 million to 35 million by 2050, according to a report by the United Nations Ukraine. Ukraine is among the fastest-shrinking countries in the world, according to the UN.

Here are the reasons why:

Ukraine has high mortality rates – about one-third of Ukrainians die before the age of 65 due to poor quality of life, low living standards, and non-infectious diseases.

Ukraine has low fertility rates – it is one of the most rapidly aging nations in Europe. Many Ukrainians cannot have the desired number of children because the country lacks opportunities for women to combine careers and childcare.

Migration – An estimated 3 million Ukrainians are now working abroad, almost half of them are employed in low-skilled jobs for which they are overqualified. Ukrainians move to other countries hoping to find a better life and a job with decent pay, the UN said.

Brain drain is also a big issue in Ukraine. A third of the recent growth in migration is represented by Ukrainians under 35, who usually move abroad to study and are unlikely to return. It causes labor shortages in Ukraine.

Although Ukraine’s government cannot change the country’s fertility or mortality rates, it can invest in people, their security, and financial stability, the UN said.

Daryna Antoniuk
Author: Daryna Antoniuk

Daryna Antoniuk studies journalism and communications at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv. Antoniuk worked as a news editor, social media manager, and freelance journalist before she joined the Kyiv Post staff in February 2020. She is passionate about information technologies and artificial intelligence.