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With mined beaches, extended curfew, Ukraine’s main tourist hub Odesa is ready to fight

ODESA – Anti-tank hedgehogs, military patrols and an extended curfew aren’t what one expects to see in Ukraine’s main sea resort. In May, Odesa, a Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea, usually rolls into the tourist season, which generates a substantial part of the city’s earnings.  Now the beaches ...

Families mourn fallen defenders of Ukraine

Early in the morning on March 9, Rostyslav Kotenko dialed the number of his father, Ukraine’s Armed Forces Colonel Serhii Kotenko.  The two hadn’t spoken since Kotenko’s father left to fight Russian forces in the war’s hot spots, near Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.  The long-awaited but brief conversation ended with Kotenko ...

Wheelchair-bound Bucha resident on surviving Russian occupation: ‘I hope no one will have to live through this’

BUCHA, Kyiv Oblast – When Russian forces turned an ordinary residential road in Bucha into a battlefield, wheelchair-bound Liudmyla Usenka, 69, was alone at home in the darkness.  With a look of horror on her face, Usenka told the Kyiv Independent about the never-ending sounds of shelling and heavy street fighting ...