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Friday, March 24, 2023

Power Lines Bonus Ep. 10 — Reporting on corruption in Ukraine

by Anastasiia Lapatina and Jakub ParusinskiFebruary 2, 2023 2:04 pm

Power Lines Bonus Ep. 10 — Reporting on corruption in Ukraine"Power Lines: From Ukraine to the World" is a podcast that maps out the reverberations of the war in Ukraine on the global stage. It is produced by the Kyiv Independent and Message Heard. (Power Lines)

In this episode of our podcast "Power Lines: From Ukraine to the World," co-produced with Message Heard, co-hosts Jakub and Nastya are speaking to Anna Myroniuk, the head of investigations at the Kyiv Independent.

They discuss the complexities of reporting on Ukraine’s corruption in the current climate, offering a unique insight into the duty of the media during war.  

Since its founding, the Kyiv Independent has always been at the forefront of reporting on corruption within Ukraine’s government. Then, on Feb. 24, priorities shifted. But is it more important than ever to hold power to account? Or is it a distraction for a country in conflict? 

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