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Fury: Ukrainian military legends join photo project to raise money for drones

by Irynka Hromotska January 25, 2024 11:17 PM 5 min read
"Fury" is a photo project that highlights 12 contemporary legends of the Ukrainian military and aims to raise funds for FPV drones for Ukrainian troops. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)
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"Fury" is a photo project that highlights 12 contemporary legends of the Ukrainian military.

All the photos are featured in a calendar, with each soldier symbolizing a month of resilience and bravery in 2024. The project involves both veterans and those still in service.

Initiated by the 1991 Fund, the project aims to raise funds for 500 FPV (first-person view) drones that will be deployed to Ukrainian troops on the front line.

"To address the needs of our fellow soldiers at the front is one of the most crucial tasks,” said Sashko Teren, a veteran and one of the project's participants. “A united civil society is the only force that will give us a chance to win in this war. Let this calendar, created through the collaboration of civilians and the military, serve as a poignant reminder."

The author of the photos is Vitalii Yurasov, who has come to prominence during war and who is known for his work for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the military intelligence, the Special Operations Forces, and President's Office.

The 1991 Fund was recently founded in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine. "We recognized the necessity to establish a foundation after losing two of our close friends who went to defend Ukraine - Dmytro Pashchuk and Artem Dymyd," said Anastasia Sokhatska, founder of the fund.

Fallen Ukrainin soldiers Dmytro Pashchuk (L) and Artem Dymyd. (

"We harbor no illusions that 2024 will be easier; quite the contrary,” Sokhatska said. “Therefore, we want to ensure that we're doing everything possible to support our defenders."

You can order the calendar and make a donation on the website of the 1991 Fund.

Yevhenii ‘Hrom’ Hromadskyi

Captain, 92nd Assault Brigade, Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star

“In 2014, witnessing the dedication of our soldiers in protecting Ukraine, I foresaw the need for individuals to step in and replace them. Enduring combat tasks at the front line for extended periods demands immense mental strength and resilience, something no one can sustain indefinitely. Motivated by this realization, I decided to become a soldier, so I can provide others with the opportunity to take a break from the front line and rest.”

Yevhenii ‘Hrom’ Hromadskyi is a captain at the 92nd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine who was awarded with the Order of the Golden Star. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund).

Vasyl ‘Chuchupak’ Hrytsenko

Lieutenant, the "Da Vinci Wolves" battalion

"I'm fighting for justice and the freedom to choose for ourselves. While we have some semblance of it in Ukraine, in Russia, it feels impossible. My struggle is about preserving my language, culture, identity, and dignity. Losing any of these would feel unbearable, and I'd rather face the most dire consequences than let them slip away. There's an intrinsic compass within me that declares this is my country. I yearn for its survival and the endurance of our people — my people, our people."

Vasyl ‘Chuchupak’ Hrytsenko is a lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a fighter of the "Da Vinci Wolves" battalion. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)

Dmytro ‘Triton’ Herzhan

Junior sergeant, acting company commander at the 14th Separate Regiment

"I’ve jumped with a parachute. I’ve climbed Mount Pikuy. Twice! Surprisingly, after losing my leg, I accomplished many things I don't think would have happened when I had it."

Dmytro ‘Triton’ Herzhan is a junior sergeant and acting company commander at the 14th Separate Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)

Vadym ‘Karaya’ Voroshylov

Fighter ace, recipient of the Hero of Ukraine award
"My ultimate aspiration is to do everything within my power, overcoming even the seemingly impossible to ensure that future generations only encounter the realities of war through the pages of history books. It's imperative for us to stand together as a unified nation, demonstrating strength and resilience in our continuous efforts to rebuild a robust and prosperous Ukraine. The path ahead may be lengthy and intricate, but we should be mindful that this is the journey we must undertake."

Vadym ‘Karay’ Voroshylov is a fighter ace of the Ukrainian Air Force and recipient of the Hero of Ukraine award. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)

Oleksandr ‘Teren’ Budko

Veteran, former volunteer fighter of the "Carpathian Sich” battalion

“Every individual is designed to evolve. Always be curious about your surroundings, otherwise you risk becoming a decoration in this world instead of changing it for the better. A fulfilling life awaits, even in the absence of limbs.”

Oleksandr ‘Teren’ Budko is a veteran from Rivne. He joined the ”Carpathian Sich” battalion as a volunteer when the full-blown Russian invasion started. He is also an Invictus Games participant. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)

Bohdan ‘Tavr’ Krotevych

Major, first deputy commander of the Azov Regiment, Mariupol defender

“When the full-blown invasion had just started, I went to the Mariupol defense command post and saw many demoralized people. After that, I issued an order: no matter how difficult the situation could be, you should be leaving with a smile on your face."

Bohdan ‘Tavr’ Krotevych is first deputy commander of the Azov Regiment and Mariupol defender. (Vitalii Yurasov/1991 Fund)
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