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Media in Progress Ep. 2: What's in a name?

December 2, 2021 11:33 amby Elina-Alem Kent
The team of the Kyiv Independent meets on Nov. 15, 2021 at the Beeworking space in Kyiv. (Oleg Petrasiuk)

Finding investors and developing a sustainable business model are high on the to-do list for the ex-Kyiv Post staff. But first, the team has to choose a name for their new media. That proved... difficult.

Episode #2 of our origin story podcast "Media in Progress" is out.

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Elina-Alem Kent
Author: Elina-Alem Kent

Elina-Alem Kent is the producer of Media in Progress, a podcast documenting the origin story of the Kyiv Independent and following the journey the team takes as they make an independent English media company from scratch in Ukraine. She previously worked at the lifestyle desk at the Kyiv Post covering the booming techno and art scenes of Ukraine as well as produced the Kyiv Post podcast. She has an International Relations degree from Boston University.